We’re often asked how we came up with the name “Beaujolais Granola?” Is there wine in it? We’re from California wine country, but alas, there’s no wine in our granolas. Rather, our story goes a little something like this…
The original flavor of Cashew & Coconut made its debut way back when, at Café Beaujolais in the small coastal town of Mendocino, California and became a favorite with diners at the restaurant.
David LaMonica acquired the restaurant and inherited this much loved granola recipe along with its devoted following. David, an accomplished chef, perfected the recipe to make it his own. Followers conveyed that this honeyed granola was the real deal and requested that David create more flavors. His delicious new flavor combinations inspired us to build a commercial kitchen from the ground up in Sonoma wine country.
Inspired by your desire for variety and quality, Beaujolais Granola was born. We granted your wishes and made you happy, our intention the start. Our purpose is to connect with others like you who share our passion for quality. We promise to deliver exceptional handcrafted products and pledge transparency in our ingredients and process. We’re devoted to our craft and to you.
David & Diane LaMonica and Tony Murphy are the proud family of Beaujolais Granola. David, our CEO, is an amazing chef and perfectionist with limitless creativity and energy. Diane, our director of sales and customer relations, forever in the restaurant and hospitality business, equally values great food and great people. Tony, our CFO, experienced in the field of marketing, loves healthy food and family.

Food with good intentions. Food with nothing to hide. It’s our goal at Beaujolais Granola to help you to take care of yourselves so that you may in turn take care of others. Eat well to live well!