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Cashew and Coconut Granola

Beaujolais Panforte is a slice of heaven…

This classic Italian confection dating back to the Middle Ages was originally made to provide nourishment to traveling crusaders.

Our artisan blend of nuts, honey and spices creates a delicacy worthy of gift giving. Our panforte can be enjoyed as a snack, an accompaniment to cheese, or served as an elegant dessert paired with an espresso, port or cognac.

2017: Winner of SOFI Award (Bronze) from the Specialty Food Association
2015/2016: Winner of Best of Class and Double Gold at the Sonoma County Fair


For wholesale inquiries: please contact Andrea Sarnataro at Beaujolais Panforte or through our partner distributor, World’s Best Cheeses.

Our panforte is available in 3 flavors:

  • Almond
  • Hazelnut
  • Panpepato (with almond, hazelnut, black pepper and cocoa powder)

Serving and Storing

To present and serve Beaujolais Panforte to guests: Freshly dust with powdered sugar (no need to dust Panpepato variety with cocoa) and slice very thinly.
To store Beaujolais Panforte: Wrap in plastic and store away from heat. Do not refrigerate. Will keep for up to 2 years.

Our Panforte Can Be Found At:
Harvest Market, Fort Bragg
Mendocino Country Store, Mendocino
Westside Renaissance Market, Ukiah
Mendocino Bounty, Ukiah

Big John’s Market, Healdsburg
Pacific Market, Sebastopol
Pacific Market, Santa Rosa
Piedmont Grocery, Oakland
Taylor’s Market, Sacramento

Oliver’s Market, Cotati
Oliver’s Market, Stony Point, Santa Rosa
Oliver’s Market, Montecito, Santa Rosa
Petaluma Market, Petaluma
Country Cheese Coffee Market, Berkeley

Freestone Artisan Cheese, Freestone
Newcastle Produce, Newcastle
Cheese Plus, San Francisco
Gus’s Market, San Francisco
Bianchini’s, San Carlos

Gourmet Cellar, Montana
Howden Market, Oakland
O’Brien’s Market
Farmstead Cheeses & Wines, Alameda
Draeger’s Market